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Sea Green Singers - Unison In Harmony by Coope, Boyes & Simpson. Recordings of this song can be obtained from www.nomasters.co.uk. The song is published by Voice Publishing. Permission to use it has been applied for- To see an enlarged A4 image, click on the image

Unison in Harmony by Coope Boyes and Simpson

1. Soaring skywards leaping sideways
Do or die words cleave the air
Joy and laughter, mornings after,
Raise the rafters, we don't care
If the roof's beyond repair, Raise the rafters, raise the rafters,
Raise the rafters, we don't care if the roof's beyond repair
2. Sisters brothers to all others, Let that be our guiding star,
Hearts of fire (but) no Messiah Hear the music from afar
What we sing is what we are, Hear the music,
Hear the music, from afar, What we sing is what we are

3. Over hills and over valleys, Over mountain, over seas
Nation shall sing unto nation, Until nations cease to be
Unison in harmony until nations until nations
Until nations cease to be, Unison in harmony