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Sea Green Singers - Class War by Anne Watson - score and lyrics

Chorus: Class war, what's it for?
It's for the poor, it's for the poor (repeat indefinitely)

1. Have you been to Barton have you been to Blackbird Leys?
There 's massive parts of Oxford that the tourist never sees
And thoughout the city, hidden out of sight,
There are children who are hngr, and who are cold at night.

2. This happens here in Oxford, right here in Oxford town,
Where welfare cuts and sanctions keep the poorest people down
And prices, rents and housing keep costing more and more
But many Oxford citizens are seriously poor, so ...

3 . Elite eat at high table, and give their god the thanks,
The system makes the poor depend on charity food banks;
Some deny necessity to redistribute wealth -
The poor must fight each day for food and home and warmth and health

4. There's lotsof jobs with agencies who give you zero hours;
They disenfranchise workers boosting private sector powers.
The gap between the poor and the richest one per cent
Makes the wealthy harder-hearted while for poor all hope is spent

5. Poor families have to move if they can't pay bedroom tax
While someone pays a million for a second home he lacks.
The rich have grander entrances into their brand new flats
And the poor, who need 'affordable', will creep in round the back