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Sea Green Singers - The March of the Women - Ethel Smyth (music) & Cicely Hamilton, 1872 - 1952 (words)

The March of the Women - Ethel Smyth (music) & Cicely Hamilton, (words)
1. Shout, shout, up with your song!; Cry with the wind, for the dawn is breaking:
March, march, swing you along; Wide blows our banner, and hope is-waking.
Song with this story; Dreams with their glory,
Lo they call, and glad is their word! Loud and louder it swells,
Thunder of freedom, the voice of the World* - (* original = Lord)

2. Long, long, we in the Past; Cowered in dread and with doubt were riven*.
Strong! strong, stand we at last; Fearless in faith and with sight new given.
Strength with its beauty, life with its duty; (Hear the voice, oh hear and obey!)
These, these beckon us on; open your eyes to the blaze of day.
(* original = Cowered in dread from the light of heaven.

3. Comrades, ye who have dared; First in the battle to strife and sorrow,
Scorned, spurned, nought have ye cared; Raising your eyes to a wider morrow.
Ways that are weary; Days that are dreary.
Toil and pain by faith ye have borne; Hail, hail, victors ye stand,
Wearing the wreath that the brave have worn!

4. Life, strife. these two are one; Nought can ye win but by faith and daring.
On, on, that ye have done; But for the work of today preparing.
Firm in reliance; Laugh defiance,
(Laugh in hope, for sure is the end.); March, march, many as one,
Shoulder to shoulder and friend to friend.
Cicely Hamilton (1872-1952)