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Sea Green Singers - Save our NHS - tune Die Moorsoldaten - Score in lower keys - C; Bflat

Save our NHS
1. It is ours the NHS
built and paid for by our tax and
Once its sold the NHS
We will never get it back


Lets’s stop those who would privatise
the NHS lets fight their lies
Rise up, Rise up

2. We fought hard for the NHS,
Free health care from birth to death, the
Hospitals for the NHS,
built and staffed by tax from all

3. They want change for the NHS
change we did not vote to make and
More choice for us all they say
choice to suffer or to pay.

4. Profit drives the new NHS
Caring for the bottom line
Accountants business men define
Who’s to live and who’s to die

5. Foundation trusts will soon be free
to make all the cash they can
private patients pay for beds
NHS will get whats left

6. Who will care for the sick and ill
any willing provider
Who will practise the surgeons skill
any willing provider

7. Will he give us hope and health
Only if it gives him wealth
Will he make the broken sound
Only if it makes a pound

8. Commissioning consortia
telling doctors what to do
gp’s working to make it pay
no longer they’ll work for you

9. Now you can trust in your gp’s care
when he gives you what you need
Soon he will give you what is there
rationed by the consortia

10. Gas and electric companies must
by law tell you what they do
But your health foundation trust
Will not report a thing to you

11. Hospitals under PFI
cost 6 times their original price
your house mortgage costs much less
not six times but only twice

12. No change now for the NHS
not until we vote for it
Referendum or parliament
No change now we do insist