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Sea Green Singers - (The) War Machine Rolls Round- For an enlarged A4 image, click on the image.

The verses are in unison;
use the Soprano rhythm for verse 1, alto for verse 2
tenor for 3 and bass for 4


And the war machine rolls round and round
and the poor and the weak get trampled on the ground
and from where we stand their cries are drowned
by the clink of the franc and dollar and pound
as the war machine rolls round
The War Machine Rolls Round
- words and music: Sue Gilmurray

1. In the Eastern skies the great hawks fly
over bloodied hills where children die,
and the instruments of tyranny
were bought from Britain P.L.C
As the war machine rolls round

2. And the prisoner sleeping were he fell
will awake to one more day of hell
from a U.S. baton's searing pain
His body bound by a Sheffield chain
as the war machine rolls round
3. We've an industry that lives and thrives
making tools to shatter human lives
and our honest workers ply their skill
helping distant tyrants maim and kill
as the war machine rolls round

4. It is time my friends for us to say
we will not sell death to earn our pay
it is time for arms exports to cease
For the world will never live in peace
while the war machine rolls round