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Sea Green Singers - We Are All Under The Stars - by Ali Burns: see website for books, song downloads and courses.
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Choir starts with Sop/Alto/Tenor; at each Section add first Bass, then High Sop then 2nd Bass. All sing section 4 and 5.
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We Are All Under The Stars - by Ali Burns commisioned by the Sheffield Socialist Choir 2006 for its 25th Anniversary

Chorus: We are all under the stars and no matter how far we are apart we are all under the stars

ey ee ey ey ey ee ey ey ee ey ey ee ey
except 2nd Bass starting at section 4
du du du etc finishing with ey

During the sections between choruses the text of the UN bill of human rights is read over the top of the choir.

The first section and chorus are sung by Sop/Alto/Tenor
Bass is added at section 2;
High Sop at section 3;
2nd Bass at section 4 and all sing last chorus 5