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Mr Putin - Jenny Wright (Raise the Rafters)

Ba ba, ba-ba ba-da x4

1. Hey Mr Putin don't like what you think
Don't push your people to the brink, brink, brink
We know you've got some problems in your great big state
But change is possibe, its mever too late.

Hey Mr Putin, you really should know
Freedom of speech should be your status quo
You wanted the Olympics, now the world's watching you
We're all very interested to see what you do.

Ba ba, ba-ba ba-da x4 as at start

2. Hey Mr Putin, it really won't do
Stop catching orcas for the zoo, zoo zoo
Endangered animals should live in the sea
A concrete tank is not where they should be

Hey Mr Putin, your forests are vast,
But over-hunting means the wild-life won't last,
Pollution and erosion and nuclear waste,
Loggers and poachers that can't be traced,

Hey Mr Putin x4 sung as drone shown in bar 13 of score

3. Hey Mr Putin, please hear what we say,
It doesn't matter if you're straight or gay
Don't run your country with laws based on hate,
'Cos' who you love is not up for debate

Hey Mr Putin don't like what you do,
Silencing those who don't agree with you,
Imprisoning campaigners and quashing dissent.
Your human rights abuses will breed discontent

Ba ba, ba-ba ba-da x4