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Sea Green Singers - Fair Trade Rant - Click on images for enlarged images, for printing on A4 paper

Chorus: Fair trade not free trade,
trade not free trade
Fair trade not free trade
Brings justice for all

1. The competitive market brings gains to the rich,
bigger, better faster cheaper products to sell,
But the poorest farmers cannot compete
In this callous open market hell.

2. Shackled by debt repayments they can't afford..
Impoverished nations in dependency,
Growing crops for export leaves little to eat
Cancel debt! Let’s make poverty history.

3. Spending more on arms than aid is wrong
G8 - wake up to humanity
There are thousands in the world dying needlessly
When will you take responsibility?

4. We've cut down trees and polluted the world
Climate chance is a reality
The corporate machine is destroying- the earth
The environment must take priority

5. Equality justice and freedom now,
It's time to say goodbye to greed
Trade justice can protect people and planet
And all in the world can get what they need.

Coffee Musings - chorus as above. by Wendy Maddison

As you gaze into your coffee, Do you ever stop to muse
Where the precious beans have come from
That the coffee vendors use
Do you know that someone's toiling In a country far away?
But how ever hard they labour, Growing coffee doesnt pay.

For the market price as fallen, Almost noone wants to buy
Paid a pittance, desperate farmers try to grasp the reasons why
There are middle men a plenty, Selling beans along the chain,
They are happy with their profits, Farmers' loss becomes their gain.

Can you swallow this injustice, Do you want to show you care?
Buying Fairtrade makes a difference, Check it out and make it fair. (x2)