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Sea Green Singers - The Levellers Day Song - score and lyrics - To see enlarged image, click on the image
this score set ; New SW arrangement with original words

The Levellers Day Song

We fought for world where all people could b e free, We fought in the Civil War
To end the power of the monarchy seeking justice for all be sure
As the war went on the rulers seemed to change and the generals words were lies
We gathered and grew, one thousand strong
One vote apiece our cry, One vote apiece our cry

Together we marched as strong as the sea, sea green was the colour of our standard
We'd not take part in that Irish killing spree, We strode to wards Oxford
We stopped for to rest, that's where we were caught out, Took refuge in the church at Burford
Three days with no hope, we carved our names
then Fairfax shot us dead He shot three levellers dead

We were known as the levellers, a name for which we're proud, Our belief that we are all equal,
The levellers we were then, the levellers we are now,
We work for the good of all, We speak 'gainst injustice for those who have no voice
We'll stand in all situations, remembering all those who've died for this cause,
The struggle carries on. The levellers carry on