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Sea Green Singers - Sleep - by Chumbawamba - Score and lyrics - For score on 1 page - for an enlarged A4 image click on each image

Chumbawumba say this about 'Sleep':
'Old age and illness has fused with polite British gentility to see Margaret Thatcher as a harmless old relic. We wrote a song which scorns this idea, which can be beautifully sung, soft and harmonically clear, and yet is scathing in its condemnation of a woman who blighted so many people’s lives. And yes, a song which quietly celebrates the fact that our demons, thankfully, sometimes sleep the soundest of sleeps.'

1. You took my brothers, You stole my sons.
Took our peace and gave us only war.
You took my words, and gave me prayers.
But I'm not crying anymore.

2. You took away my precious time
For your battlefield and factory floor
These stolen hours they waste away
but I'm not counting anymore

Chorus: So close your eyes, and slip to darkeness deep
while we sing, sing you to sleep.
Close you eyes, your darkest deeds to keep
While we sing, sing you to sleep, while we sing, sing you to sleep

3. You took my voice, you took my choice
He who writes the scriptures writes the law
You gave me hate and called it love
but I'm not listening anymore

4. You took my hope for a brighter world
I took the hand of friendship on the shore
This home, these dreams, you fenced them in,
but I'm not taking anymore