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Sea Green Singers - Somewhere on Sea - Simple version - click here to view page 1 only , page 2 only , individual images. Click on each image below for full size images; Lyrics and score
Simplified arrangement: Sarah Westcott - written by Theo Simon of Seize the Day for the 25th anniversary of the Sheffield Socialist Choir

Somewhere on Sea – Simplified version arr. Sarah Westcott
We sang verses 1, 2, 3, 4 then 7 at Green Fair 2012, no final Somewhere on Sea.

1. We're sorry that you've got such bloody awful weather;
We're sorry if you’re living somewhere on sea,
We're sorry we didn't quite get it together in time,
And we still hope that you enjoy your legacy, Somewhere on sea

Two parts: Sop and Alto
2. We wouldn't want you to believe we didn’t love you
We wouldn't want you to suppose we didn't care
Eighty per cent of our days, Thinking about you always
Just twenty per cent putting the carbon in the air, like we didn’t care

Sop, Alto, Bass riff – brrm, brrm,brrm
3. Sorry that we buried our poison in the garden
Best not to dig for a millennium or three
But if you do start a mine think of the plastic you'll find
And we still hope that you enjoy your legacy,
Somewhere on sea.

New tune: Sop, Bass riff
4. We only see what we can see, anything else is theory
Don't you come here bothering me
with a new doom'n'gloom prophecy
There's room for doubt and while the jury is out,
Why should our kids do without necessity?

As verse two
5. Wish you were here
smelling the Mayflower in the hedgerow
You'd have adored hearing the lark on the wing.
But maybe a swamp can look nice
and you can grow your own rice
Before the ice covers it over again, What happens then?

As verse 4
6. We needed them to give us a lead,
They needed us to encourage them
Everyone had habits to feed, It was the present that worried them
Money and votes, Nobody would rock the boat
Now we just wish we could float

Sop sing different words and tunes for first two lines
7. First two lines Sops using tune for verse 4:
We only see economy, we didn't look at ecology
Tomorrow you're looking to me for an aplogy

7. First two lines Altos using tune for verse 1:
As you can hear, starting from here we're going nowhere
'til we resolve how powerful we can be

7. Sop, Alto, Bass
We're sorry it took so long for us to sing the same song
And we still hope that you enjoy your legacy

Ending: Basses start x4, then tenors x3, then altos x2, then sops x1
Wind power, wave power, sun power, save power
Last time
Wind power, wave power, sun power, (shout) Take power
Somewhere on sea