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Sea Green Singers - We got fooled again - score for verses 2 & 3 - arranged by Sarah Westcott - score and lyrics
by Cooper, Boyes and Simpson
- from their 2011 CD "As If..." - see www.nomasters.co.uk. Publisher: Voice Publishing.
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We Got Fooled Again - Lester Simpson

verses 1 and 4: Men sing words in bold, women sing rest, bold + italic: unison
1. In the name of progress, we believe the lies
and get the same old shite, just different flies
A different rosette, but nothing seems to change
Another dame another knighthood, we got fooled again

Chorus - 4 part harmony
We got fooled again, nobody gives a cuss,
no jobs no factories we dont even make a fuss
Dignity and caring, or simple profit and gain,
I think you know the answer, we got fooled again

verses 2 and 3: Parts not singing words sing 'Ooh'
2. sop -In the name of freedom, you lock and bolt the door
tenor - In the name of justice you administer the law
sop - In the name of liberty, innocence is chained
tenor - Extra ordinary rendition, we got fooled again

3. sop - In the name of god, you justify your cause
tenor - In the name of peace, you fan the flames of war
sop - You do the devils work, in your prophets name
tenor - You only read what you want to see, we got fooled again

4. In the name of profit, markets rise and fall
When they're up you get a pittance,
when they're down you get sod all

You're laid off and down sized, left out in the rain
But the boss gets a bonus, we got fooled again

SGS don't sing this verse
5. It's all made in China, we don't even make a fuss
No such thing as a free lunch, we got fooled again
We believed in the jokers punch, we got fooled again
K-O'd by a sucker punch, we got fooled again.