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How to use equipment in the kitchen

Click on the images to enlarge them or to see a video 'clip' explaining how to use the equipment

Cleaning up and Tidying the Kitchen

*.....don't leave perishable items around
*.....clean the fridge and the cold box and turn them off, leaving the doors open
*.....check that the freezed is ok and working (see notes below)
*.....clean the kitchen and the things in the kitchen: piano (sic), work-tops, micro-wave,
........ sinks, floors and walls if necessary.
*....clean the washing up area: dish washer, basins, floor
*.....empty the bins (brown containers at the entrance to the site),
....... separate the rubbish and put it in the appropriate bins in the parking area and in the compost.
*.....wash up the dishes, pots and pans etc and put it all away, don't leave it out to dry.

Putting away the dishes, pots, pans etc

*.....On the kitchen shelves: dishes, salad and food preparation equipment
*.....On the washing-up area shelves: saucepans, dishes
*.....On the bar shelves: glasses



Two ovens and fridge

This oven is not very easy to user;

The hob in front and to the right does not work.


This is best oven to use;
The movie shows how to light the oven.

Food Processor
The large red food processor is not reliable so it is not recommended.
  movie This little processor is more efficient than the large processor although slower.
Fridge - Freezer
Fuse box for the fridge/freezer
The fridge and freezer have a security system to prevent frequent opening of the door. As a result the doors are locked shut for a minute or two after they are closed. Do not try to force them open immediately after they have been opened
supplementary freezer
Washing Machine
The green trays on the left in the film are filled with the dishes to wash and the trays are put in the machine.

Dish Washer Instructions
Play movie for details of the operations below

Check first of all, that the stopper is in position.
*.....Press button 1
*.....Allow the dish washer to fill and heat (about 10 minutes)
*.....Do not put any washing products in the machine;
. .....(washing detergent is fed in automatically from the
.......container below the machine).
*.....Start the washing cycle by pressing button 2
*.....When washing is finished there will be a 'beep beep'

Make sure to leave the dish washer on all the time

When the cycle is finished:
*.....Take out the stopper
*.....Empty the machine by pressing button 3
*.....Switch off the machine with button 1
*.....Wash all the filters: undo the helical rotor - take off the grill
.......and the last filter
*.....Wash down the dish washer with a water jet
*.....Put back everything together ready for the next wash cycle.

Micro - wave
movie Micro-wave
General Equipment
  washing-up area