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rencontres chorales

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Links to choirs singing activists songs in France:
Chorale des Sans Nom - Nancy - This site has lots of mp3's of songs here
Le Drapeau Rouge - lots of lyrics but no music
Les Barricades - Grenoble - lots of songs, lyrics, and music with midi files of parts.
Compagnie Jolie Môme - a theatre group organizing the festival.
Canaille du midi - Toulouse - lots of songs with lyrics and documents, some mp3's, no music
Chor'alternative - Rouen - lots of original songs, with mp3 files of the parts and music in notation form.
La Lutte Enchantée (Marseille)
Gaperons Rouges (Riom)
La Barricade (Saint-Etienne)
La Bande À Rosa (Amiens)
Chorale des Canulars, Lyon
Espèce De Chorale (Brest): email pour renseignements: espece-de-chorale@listes.infini.fr

Other choirs without links
Joyeux Mutins (see them in action at http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7f1ws_les-joyeux-mutins_music
Les Oies sauvages (Montreuil)
Les Josettes Rouges (Le Havre)
La Lutte Enchantée (Marseille)
Les Joyeux Mutins(Lille)
L’Accord Râle (Charlieu)


Il Mafatorri (Parma)
Voci Di Mezzo (Milano)
Il Deposito est en extraordinaire archive, une vrai mine des chants qui recueille beaucoup beaucoup de chants de proteste politique et social, pas seulement italiennes.
Il Deposito is an archive of activist songs in many languages with recordings, lyrics and details.

Collection of anti-war songs of all types - An Italian site that collects anti-war songs world-wide hence in all languages and scripts. The home-page has links to lists of songs already translated from pop, folk, etc. It contains mostly lyrics but some mp3 downloads with some translations.
The main site doesnt seem to access the list of songs pending translation from English so here it is and it contains an enormous number.

Anarchist songs

Chants de lutte - lyrics and activist documents
Chants de la rue - modern songs particularly new words to old songs
Mix-Cite - site of feminist songs
Merle Rouge - lyrics and documents
Drapeau Rouge - Many songs and some music here

Pages of links to French choirs and songs:

A festival of revolutionary choirs called La Belle Rouge takes place in Saint-Amant-Roche-Savine, Auvergne, Puy-de-Dôme (63), between Clermont-Ferrand and Saint-Etienne over the last week-end in July. A 'Rencontre Chorales' took place in the week following the festival in 2008. French choirs who attended were Les Oies sauvages (Montreuil-93), La Barricade (Saint-Etienne 42), Choralternative (Rouen-76), Atelier Chanson de La Belle Etoile (Saint-Denis-93), Les Gaperons Rouges (Riom-63), Les Barricades (Grenoble-38), Les Josettes Rouges (Le Havre-76), La Bande à Rosa (Amiens-80), Les Joyeux Mutins (Lille-59), La Lutte Enchantée (Marseille-13), L’Accord Râle (Charlieu-42), des chorales révolutionnaires de Perpignan (66), Tours (37) et Lyon (69), La Chorale des Sans-Noms (Nancy-54), La Canaille du Midi (Toulouse-31). This meeting moved to Vassivieres thereafter.

Link for music and song recordings from St Amant 2008:
Lien pour les enregistrements et la musique en notation de St Amant, 2008:

Karaoke: (http://karalbol.free.fr/) A site of popular and revolutionary songs with the songs below in karaoke as well as the original versions. The karaoke versions show the words highlighted so you sing along to a backing track together with suitable graphics background. The site requires the download and installation of a free program <karafun> which can be downloaded from the site.

A bas l'état policier, Bella ciao, Bienvenue en chiraquie, C'est dans la rue, Chanson de Craonne, El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido, Front ouvrier (ou Le Front des Travailleurs), Gloire au 17ème, Hasta Siempre, Here's to you, Il est 5 heures (mai 68), L'appel du Komintern, L'âge d'or, L'Estaca, L'hymne des femmes, L'Internationale, La Butte Rouge, La Carmagnole, La Chanson du Père Duchesne, La Cucaracha, La Jeune Garde, La Semaine Sanglante, La Varsovienne, Le Déserteur, Le Drapeau Rouge, Le temps des cerises, Le temps perdu, Les Anarchistes, Les Canuts, Les Mains d'or, Les Nouveaux partisans, Les Partisans, Lily, Magouilles Blues, Motivés, Ne te trompe pas de colère, Ouvrez les frontières, Parachutiste, Porcherie, Potemkine, Quand un soldat, Salutations révolutionnaires, Sans la nommer, Solidarité, Son bleu (repertoire at Jan 2009 - new songs are added continually).

Outside Europe

Irish site of anarchist and freedom songs from all over the world with English translations (the original site which does not seem to be so complete is here)

Union Song - Australian site with songs and documents from all over the world: more than 600 songs and poems and links to over 240 Authors; some french translations of union songs.

New York City Labour Chorus: several sound files for Solidarity forever, Get thee behind me Satan, We shall overcome, Bread and Roses.


You can hear about 100 versions (mp3) of the Internationale sung in many languages including those by Billy Bragg and Pete Seeger: http://www.hymn.ru/internationale/index-en.html  

UK sites

SeaGreen Singers, Oxford, UK

Edinburgh, Protest in Harmony
: Currently organizing Songs for Faslane 365 Rise up Singing Blockade. For each song there is the score to print out, and also mp3 files with each of the parts. Good links page: http://www.protestinharmony.org.uk

London, Strawberry Thieves (London) : has scores for 33 songs some of which we already sing but many we dont complete with sound files (MIDI) for the parts. http://www.strawberrythieveschoir.org.uk

London, Raised Voices : good links page: http://www.raised-voices.org.uk

Nottingham Clarion choir: last update 2001, contact details: http://www.nottinghamclarionchoir.org.uk

Manchester Community choir : contact details but access to songs, music, parts requires a members password 'for copyright reasons': http://www.manchestercommunitychoir.org.uk

Sheffield Socialist choir: http://www.socialistchoir.co.uk : contact details, no songs or music but CD's available of their recordings of most of songs in the repertoire of the left.

Raise Your Banners: site of yearly weekend festival of left-wing choirs held in North England