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Site cleaning

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On the departure day there is a lot of cleaning to do before mid-day when the next group arrives on the site. Choir members are asked to take part in the cleaning tasks by putting their names on some of the lists below which will be on display. The lists will indicate the number of people which it is thought will be necessary to complete each task. Each person is invited to subscribe to a number of tasks. The number of tasks which it is estimated that each person should complete to make sure that the site is clean by mid-day will be indicated somewhere.

The posters shown below are images i.e. photos. Click on the image to enlarge it if you want to print it from this site. Alternatively you can download a Word document file with the text of the posters formatted the same as the posters below. These can therefore be edited. All the posters in landscape orientation are in one file, those in portrait orientation are in another. Posters - Panorama orientation- - - - - Posters - Portrait orientation


(this is not an image)
Kitchen Exterior

Before leaving, Please...

Empty the bin and put in a clean bin-liner
Empty the compost

.......Cooking hobs
.......Fridge (don't leave anything inside)
.......Tables and chairs
.......Sweep everywhere