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rencontres chorales

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Quantities to Order

Recipes and quantities of food ordered for Royeres: 16.5.2014
Items left over from last year: rice and tuna
Lasagne (meat and vegetarian); crudités, cheese and ham, small biscuits/cakes
They will buy in Italie: Green Pasta, Parmigiano cheese, prosciutto ham, San Giovese wine, pancetta, Marsala, biscuits Pavesini, Amaretti, Nutella and coffee for the small cakes
They need:

For 10 people
500g minced meat
1.25l of milk
50g of butter
200g mascarpone
1l tomato sauce
500g lettuce or chicory or endive or tomatoes

For everything:
5kg carottes
5kg Courgettes
5kg Onions
4L olive oil
1kg cocoa powder
2kg sugar

La Barricade (St Etienne) Entrée – radishes; Hot dish – lentilles (with sausages?); cheese from local producers; Dessert – fruit from local producers

For 10 people:
2 bunches of radishes
600g lentilles if there is meat and 800g if there is no meat
180g sausages per person (if you choose this)
1 onion
2 carottes
3 tomatoes

For everything
6 heads of celery
some garlic and olive oil
Cheese from local producers
Fruits from local producers

Gaperons rouges (Riom) Left-overs with cheese from the Auvergnats (who will buy it?)
or pates with basilic, tomatoes, olives and chicken (we can buy this in Royeres on Thursday if necessary)
La Lutte Enchantée (Marseille) Entrée: Salade with left-overs; Pates au pistou; Seasonal Fruits
They will prepare the pistou in advance.

1.20kg pates (penne rigate)
85g Parmigiano cheese or Gran Padano

La Ravachole (Charlieu) Mercimek çorbasi (lentilles soup corail from Turkey); Cheese of forez (fourme de Montbrison, goat, vachards (small cows?), briques...); Apple Crumble

They will bring
1kg lentilles corail (AB)
Oat paste
Olive oil
Rasel hanout
Peppers (just a touch!)

For 30 people
1kg potatoes
1kg onions
2 tins or 1kg peeled tomatoes
1/2 bunches of persil + 1/4 bunch of coriander + salt
250ml crème fraiche
7kg apples
600g flour (self-raising or plain?)
400g butter
350g sugar
300g almond powder
some cinammon

CRS (Limoges) Taboulé; Dessert – fromage blanc and fruit

For 10 people
500g semolina (medium grains)
1,5kg tomatoes
3/4 cucumber:
1 pepper (green or red)
3 lemons
4 table spoonse of olive oil
1 bunch of fresh mint (the more the better)
50g raisins

125g Fromage blanc per person
Seasonal fruit e.g. peaches, apricots cherries

Les Barricades (Grenoble) Green Salad with chives; Mashed potatoe/courgettes and sausages Diots; pear wine with little bicuits

For 10 people:
2 big green salads
1 bunch of chives
25cl oil
10cl vinegar
2 table spoons of mustard
Salt and pepper
10 potatoes for mashed potato
5 small courgettes
2 onions
8 portions of 'Vache qui rit' processed cheese
1l milk
10 sausages

10 pears
75cl of red wine
200g sugar
1 zest of orange,
2 cloves
1 sprig of vanilla
some mint leaves
300g flour
120g sugar
120g butter
2 eggs
1 sachet of vanilla
Grease-proof paper

La Chorale des Canulars (Lyon) Ils ont choisi Midi Mercredi, mais j’ai decidé le Lundi soir Rice Quenelles, tomatoes, mushrooms and olives with sauce; cheese and fruit

For 100 people

Rice (is there any left from last year?)
2,500kg onions
2off 4kg tins of skinned tomatoes or their equivalent as tomatoe purée (add 1kgfor each 200 people)
1 4kg tin of tomatoe concentrate (that is also enough for 200 people)
2kg frozen mushrooms of Paris (4kg for 200)
1kg black olives (2kg for 200)
Provence Herbs
(2 medium size quenelles (dumplings) per person)
Cheese and fruit

Joyeau Mutins/Bande a Rosa (Amiens) Crumble courgette cheese; strawberry salad or fromage blanc/crème de marron

For 10 people
400g rice
7 courgettes fairly large
250g goats cheese
2 medium onions
250g flour
250g parmesan cheese
208g butter

1.25kg fromage blanc
400g crème de marron
100g dark chocolate (one bar of cooking chocolate)

For dessert Sunday evening: 1.250kg strawberries
2 bunches of m int(1/2 bouquet)
2 lemons
75g sugar

Strawberry Thieves (Londres) Maqloubeh (rice and veg) with parsley salad and tomatoes; bread and yoghourt; orange fruit salad, deglets(?) and mint

We woill bring spices, dates, rose water, cinnamon, icing sugar, thyme, flatbreads, sesame seeds

1 can chick peas, drained
1 aubergine
1 butternut squash
1 cauliflower, broken into med florets
2 cups basmati rice
2 tbsp unsalted butter, melted
2 cloves garlic
1 large onion, very finely chopped
2 tomatoes, sliced
300ml Thick Greek yogurt
2 cloves garlic
10 tomatoes Half cucumber
2 spring onions
Small bunch parsley
Half a lemon
2 tbsp olive oil

½ bouquet de menthe
10 oranges

Canaille du Midi, Toulouse Pizza andquiches with left-overs; cakes

Pizza x 100
750gr flour (7.5kg)
18cl oil (180cl)
For the toppings we will use left-overs.

Quiche sans pâte x 100
150gr flour (1.5kgflour)
200gr gruyere cheese(2kg)
4 eggs (40)
1/2l milk (5L)

Cake x 200
110gr flour (2.2kg)
700gr sugar (14kg)
250gr butter (5kg)
200g powdered almonds(4kg)
100gr flaked almonds (2kg)
100gr dark cooking chocolate (2kg)
2 sachet of vanilla sugar(40)
5cl crème fraiche (100cl)
1/4l milkt (5L)
8 eggs(160)
6 peaches or nectarines (120)
ou 1 tin of pears (20 tins of pears)
au sirot(?) and you need to deduct 250g (5kg) of sugar and 1 sachet of vanilla sugar(20)